1. DEFINITIONS 定义 For the purpose of clarification, the following terms have the meanings ascribed to them below: "Company" refers to PR Newswire China that provides the Service to Customer. "Authorized Sender"refers to those individuals identified by Customer in writing as being authorized to submit press release on Customer's behalf. "Service(s)" refers to each of the services, individually and collectively, as set forth in the Order or otherwise requested by Customer. 为表述更加简明,文中下列用语定义如下: “公司”:指为客户提供服务的韦德娱乐平台社中国公司。 “授权发稿人”:指客户以书面形式指定的可以代表客户提交、发布伟德1946英国的个人。 “服务”:按客户需求在合同列出的单一或者全部的服务 2. SERVICE 服务 2.1 Customer shall promptly notify Company in writing of any change to its contact, or user names, addresses, telephone numbers, or other information provided to Company in connection with the Service. Customer acknowledges that Company’s performance of the Service may be delayed or disrupted by Customer’s failure to update such information in a timely manner and Company is not liable for any damages caused to Customer in connection therewith. 2.1 如果客户的联系方式、名称、地址、电话或其他与公司提供服务有关的信息有任何变动,客户应以书面形式及时通知公司。客户须了解,因客户未及时更新此类信息,可能导致公司提供服务出现延误或受到干扰,公司不对客户因此遭受的损失承担责任。 2.2 Only Authorized Senders may submit or issue press releases on Customer’s behalf. Customer acknowledges that it is its responsibility to provide Company a current, accurate list of the names of its Authorized Senders, and all related contact information, at all times. Customer acknowledges that customer’s failure to update the names of its Authorized Senders or any related contact information could result in delays in the issuance of press release or the issuance of press release by a person or persons no longer authorized by Customer. 2.2 仅授权发稿人可以代表客户提交或发布伟德1946英国。客户须了解,客户始终有责任向公司提供最新且准确的授权发稿人名单及所有相关联系信息。客户未能及时更新授权发稿人名单或任何相关联系信息可能导致伟德1946英国发布出现延误或不再是客户授权发稿人的一人或多人仍然代表客户发布伟德1946英国。 2.3 For each press release, Customer shall indicate, in writing, (i) the name of the issuer of the press release, which name shall be displayed to the public as the source of the press release; and (ii) the name and phone number of the person responsible for responding to questions or requests for additional information by members of the media and other readers of the press release. 2.3 对于每篇伟德1946英国,客户应以书面形式提供 (i)伟德1946英国发布方名称,该名称将作为伟德1946英国消息来源对公众公开;(ii)负责响应媒体和读者对该伟德1946英国问询的人员姓名和电话号码。 2.4 Company reserves the right to impose a processing fee for any press release that is not distributed after its submission to Company. 公司保留对任何向公司提交后未发布的伟德1946英国收取处理费的权利。 3. LICENSE许可权 By submitting press release to Company in connection with the Service, Customer grants to Company and its third party distributors a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and sublicensable right and license to reproduce, distribute, sublicense, translate, archive and create derivative works of the type created by a news release distribution business from any press release. 客户在向公司提交伟德1946英国发布需求的同时,即表明客户授予公司及第三方发布者针对该篇伟德1946英国在全球范围内可永久免版税地复制、发布、翻译、授权、存档和制作等权利。 4. FEES &PAYMENT TERMS费用与支付条款 Service payment must be made before any services are rendered. In the event the actual charge is more than the estimated charge, the difference is due within ten (10) working days of the date of invoice. Any amounts not paid by the date due are subject to interest at the lesser of (i) 1.5% per month; or (ii) the maximum rate permitted by law. Customer shall reimburse Company for all legal fees and collection costs and expenses incurred in connection with collection of the Fees. 客户必须在服务提供之前支付服务费用。如果实际费用超出预计数额,应在发票开出之日起的十(10)个工作日内支付差额。逾期未付款项须加收利息,(i)最低1.5%的月利息;或(ii)法律允许的最高利息。因收取费用导致的所有法律费用以及征收成本和费用,客户应向公司作出赔偿。 5. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 客户知悉 Customer acknowledges that (i) Company may, in its sole discretion and judgment, reject press release for any reason, or refuse or cease distribution of any press release or remove any press release, in each case if it determines that the press release is objectionable or may result in liability; (ii) Customer is solely responsible for the press release submitted by it or on its behalf, (iii) Company’s distribution lists may change from time to time, and (iv) under no circumstances will Company be liable for any press release. 客户需要知道,(i) 如果公司判断某篇伟德1946英国可能招致异议或法律责任,公司可能会拒绝、停止或者删除该篇伟德1946英国;(ii)客户对自己或客户代表方提交的伟德1946英国负有全部责任;(iii)公司的发布列表可能随时更改;(iv)在任何情况下,公司均不对任何伟德1946英国承担责任。 6. REPRESENTATIONS & WARRANTIES 声明与保证 Customer represents, warrants and covenants that (i) it has the right, power and authority to submit the press release to Company for distribution; (ii) it has all of the necessary right, title and interest in and to the press release to grant the rights granted herein; (iii) it shall comply with all local and international laws, rules and regulations applicable to its use of the Service; (iv) the press release will not contain any material that (a) is obscene or pornographic; (b) is libelous, slanderous, defamatory, or otherwise false or misleading; or (c) violates any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right, right of privacy or publicity, or any other right of any individual or entity; 客户声明、保证并承诺(i)客户拥有向公司提交伟德1946英国用于发布的权利、权力和权限;(ii)客户拥有对其要发布的伟德1946英国进行相关授权所有必要的权利、资格和利益关系;(iii)客户应遵守所有适用于本服务的当地和国际法律与法规;(iv)相关伟德1946英国不得包含下列内容(a)淫秽或色情内容;(b)诽谤、中伤、毁坏名誉、虚假或误导性内容;(c)侵犯任何版权、专利、商标、商业秘密或其他所有权、隐私权或公开权、或任何个人或实体的任何其他权利。 7. DISCLAIMER &LIMITATION OF LIABILITY 免责声明与责任限制 Company does not warrant or ensure that services will be free from errors, including omissions, interruptions, delays, losses or defects, whether human or mechanical. The liability of Company to client shall be limited to the refund of the fees paid by client and in no event will Company be liable for any indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or incidental damages. It will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. 公司不保证也不确保服务不会出现人为失误或机械故障造成的错误,包括遗漏、中断、延误、损失或缺陷。公司对客户的责任应仅限于客户支付费用的退款,公司不承担任何间接的、相应的、特殊的、惩罚性的或附带损失。公司会遵守所有适用的法律和法规。 8. SUSPENSION & TERMINATION 暂停和终止 Company may suspend or terminate its service, in whole or in part, immediately on notice, without liability to Customer, if Customer materially breaches the terms and conditions. Company will resume service as soon as commercially practicable upon Customer’s cure of the breach. Company will provide a refund to Customer for the unused portion of the Service, which refund shall constitute Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy and Company’s sole liability for the termination of the service. Customer acknowledges that failure to pay the Fees when due shall be deemed a material breach of the terms and conditions. Termination, expiration or cancellation of service for any reason shall not release customer from its payment obligations. 如果客户严重违反本条款,公司可能在发出通知后立即暂停或终止全部或部分服务,并对客户不承担任何责任。客户做出补救措施后,公司将依据商业上可行的条件及时恢复服务。如遇终止服务,公司将对服务中未使用的部分向客户退款,此退款是公司因终止服务所承担的针对客户的唯一责任。客户需知悉逾期未支付费用将被视为严重违反条款的行为。因任何原因终止或取消服务不代表免除客户的付款义务。 9. FORCE MAJEURE 不可抗力 Company shall not be liable to or through Customer for delays or inability to perform due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, including fire, flood, explosion, severe weather, failure or unavailability of communications infrastructure, and system malfunctions, etc. 公司不承担因火灾、水灾、爆炸、恶劣天气、通讯设施出现故障或中断,以及系统故障等超出公司合理控制范围而出现延误或无法履行的责任。
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